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The Gingerbread latte recipe

The gingerbread latte is a delicious hot drink that is appreciated for its spicy, soothing taste. This warm ginger drink is also popular for its…

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    Maintaining Your Manual Espresso Machine

    Looking after your manual espresso machine is key to ensuring delicious beverages and preserving the aromas of your coffee. That’s…

    Written by Jordan

  • chai latte vanille

    The Vanilla Chai Latte Recipe

    Chai latte is a hot, aromatic drink that originally came from India and has gained worldwide popularity in the last…

    Written by Chloé

  • idée cadeau petit budget noel

    The Café Liégeois Recipe

    The café liégeois or Liège coffee is a delicious sweet drink made with cold coffee that will appeal to both…

    Written by Julie

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Fun facts
Do you know cascara? It is actually the pulp of the dried coffee cherry. And it is also a product full of benefits! Available on our MaxiCoffee store.
The Sakura Blend from Cafés Lugat (available on our MaxiCoffee store) has been awarded the Bronze Epicure! A blend of 3 sweet and aromatic origins.

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MaxiCoffee’s mission is to share its knowledge and reveal the secrets of coffee to its community. Every day, our 1,500 experts share their passion and knowledge to help you find the coffee, method or service that’s right for you.

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Julie is passionate about tea and coffee, and writes about how both contribute to a healthy and cosy lifestyle.

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Always a mochaccino or a cappuccino in her hand, Chloe is a huge coffee drinker. She likes to experience new taste and try out recipes.

Contributors 9 articles
Contributeur Alice


As British as they come, Alice is never without her signature cup of English Breakfast. With milk and sugar, of course!

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Contributeur Jordan


Jordan is a freelance writer and translator powered by that morning cup!

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