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Top 5 of the Best French Press

Today we are going to talk about the French Press also known as cafetière! First invented in its rudimentary form by the Frenchman Marcel-Pierre Paquet in 1924, a press was also patented by Milanese born Attilio Calimani in the United States in 1929.

Over the years, the press has undergone several design modifications. The italian designer Faliero Bondanini patented his own version of the French Press in 1958 and in 1959 he began manufacturing the cafetière in France, hence its name “French Press”. The press can offer you within a few minutes a robust coffee with powerful aromas. This simple coffee maker grew more and more popular throughout the world. Today, the French Press is best known with its Bodum design which made the press now a kitchen staple.

Which French Press is best for you? Discover our selection with our Top 5!

Advantages and Weaknesses of the French Press

Advantages :

  • Simple and easy to use
  • You don’t need paper filters
  • Complete control of temperature and brewing time
  • Harmonious diffusion of the aromas

Weaknesses :

  • Cafetière coffee grind required (hard to find without a grinder)
  • Coffee ground deposit in the cup
  • To be served quickly since the infusion continues


Choosing the Right Cafetière

cafetiere materials

Cup Capacity

First off, you need to know that a cup equals 12cl capacity with the French Press. Therefore, a 4-cup press will have a 50 cl capacity. The French Press is ideal for any time of the day. It is also portable and eco-friendly! Indeed, you can easily transport it and all you need is a good kettle to brew your coffee. Your choice of French Press will then depend on your way of life and coffee habits. If, for example, you’re used to drinking mugs after mugs of coffee in the morning, you can opt for an 8-cup press (1 litre) so that you can share it with your family or help yourself with a second cup o’ Joe! On the other hand, if you’d like to brew coffee easily in your office, you can choose a 3-cup press which will give you the equivalent of a single mug of coffee, perfect for a post-lunch break!

The Jug’s Materials

You can find many different type of coffee makers, especially regarding the materials of the jug:

  • Glass Press: most presses are made of glass. It is usually Borosilicate glass, a heat-resistant glass.
  • Stainless Steel Press: these presses are generally double walled and are therefore isothermal jugs. They will keep your coffee warmer for longer which is a real plus!
  • Plastic Press: the main advantage of plastic is its resistance to shock compared to glass. Plastic presses are therefore ideal for nomadic lifestyles; to have your coffee pretty much anywhere you want.


The Design

When choosing your French press, design is also an important aspect to be taken into account. If you want to play it safe, you can always choose a classic design such as the Bodum Chambord, and the Bialetti Preziosa or even a colourful press like the Bodum Caffettiera and the Bialetti Smart.

The design of your French press will not affect the quality of your coffee so you can all out! There are a multitude of different designs so the choice is endless!

How to Brew with your Press?

how to brew

Whether at breakfast time or during a family dinner, coffee will be needed. However, you might not want to brew 1 litre of coffee everytime. So you might want to adapt your press depending on how many people will be sharing coffee with you! That’s the advantage of French presses, you can easily brew haft a press if needed. If you have a 4-cup press, you can brew up to 2 cups for half your press. However, with a 8 to 12-cup French Press, you won’t be able to brew too small of a quantity. Indeed, the filter wouldn’t reach that low to press the coffee ground.

Top 5 of the Best French Presses

Bodum Chambord – The Iconic

The Bodum Chambord is THE iconic French Press. With its timeless design created in the 1950s, The Bodum Chambord is still a best-seller. It is both ergonomical and functional.

Available now
cafetiere a piston bodum chambord

Cafetiere – New Chambord – Bodum (8 cups)

– 8 Cups Capacity (1L)
– Stainless Steel surround
– Borosilicate Glass

See the product

Pylano Cali – 100% Stainless Steel

The Pylano Cali French press is the very first model on the market not to include plastic inside the coffee maker. All parts of the plunger system inside the jug and the lid (including the filter), are made of stainless steel. With a unique double filtration system, it has a classic sieve but also an extremely fine mesh at the pouring point. This mesh traps the foam that forms on the surface of the coffee so you won’t end up with a bitter coffee!

Available now
cafetiere a piston pylano

Cafetiere – Cali – Pylano (8 cups)

– 1 Litre capacity
– Zero contact with plastic
– Unique double filtration system

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Bialetti Preziosa – Bialetti’s French Press

Bialetti is first known for its iconic Moka pot but Bialetti can also offer high-quality presses. With the Preziosa, Bialetti came up with a French press with a clean design, with typical Bialetti features.

Available now
cafetiere a piston bialetti preziosa

Cafetiere – Preziosa – Bialetti (8 cups)

– 8 cups / 1L capacity
– Borosilicate Glass Jug

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Bodum Columbia – The Isothermal French Press

The Bodum Columbia French Press in stainless steel will dazzle any kitchen with its shiny look! Thanks to its double-wall stainless steel design, the Bodum Columbia cafetière will keep your coffee warmer for longer.

Available now
cafetiere a piston bodum columbia

Cafetiere – Columbia – Bodum (8 cups)

– 8 cups/1L capacity
– Insulated double wall French press
– Stainless steel

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Espro P3 – A Double Filtration

Espro’s patented double micro-filter gives a flavourful coffee without all the mess associated with a traditional press. The design of this press and filters prevents over-extracted coffee once the plunger is pushed down. You can also use compatible filters to brew with your press as a Pour-Over!

Available now
cafetiere a piston espro

Cafetiere – P3 – Espro (8 cups)

– Capacity: 100 cl
– 8 cups
– Black plastic
– Glass coffee maker

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Which French Press is Best for You?

We’ve been trying many French presses at MaxiCoffee for many years and the most important thing is the brewing method! As you can see, it all depends on YOUR criterias! Price, materials, design, efficiency? It’s up to you to decide and we hope that our selection was able to help you choose the right press! Don’t forget to check out our selection of ground coffee specific to French press. In the meantime, see you soon on MaxiCoffee!

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